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Purex With Crystals

Whew, now that that is done and you are back after entering, let me just tell you about this awesome NEW product from Purex, Purex Dirt Lifter with Purex Crystals!

Now, you guys know I LOVE Purex. I have tried other products and they do work but the price, variety of products for what I need for my multi-faceted laundry loads and the consistent quality of Purex always has me coming back.

This NEW Purex might just be one of my favorites.

First of all, I have more kids clothes then I know what to do with!  And they come to me in all kinds of states of mess.  Dirt, mud, crayon, food, milk, juice and so on and so on, stains are present and not going anywhere anytime soon!  So having a consistently good detergent that also leaves my clothes feeling good and smelling good is a must for me!

Last weekend, my daughter’s and I attended The Color Run in Downtown Houston.  It was a BLAST but we all came home with color all over us.  One of my daugthers had her favorite sweater on and I was sure it was ruined.  Here is a picture of is there and you can see how messy the kids were!

Purex with Crystals

See her beautiful sweater (that I got for $1 at a consignment show – squee)?  Yea, I thought it was a total loss!

When I got home, I got everyone in the bath and went to wash their colored clothes with my new Purex Dirt Lifter with Crystals.  I held out little hope, to be honest.  After the photo above, she laid down and rolled around in the color.  I thought for sure nothing would get this out of the little crevices and nooks of the sweater’s material.  Especially around the cuffs where it was getting really ground in.

But, believe it or not, when I pulled it out of the washer and tossed it in the dryer, I saw zero evidence of any previous color.  And when I pulled it out of the dryer, as soft and clean as ever, there was ZERO evidence of the color massacre it sustained!  I was totally impressed!!!

Purex with Crystals

So, yes, this new Dirt Lifter formula is AWESOME!  Find it on the laundry aisle and use it on your tough laundry!

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**I received this product as a Purex Insider.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Document for more information.**

Purex Dirt Lifter with Purex Crystals Free Coupons – 3 Winners