Hi all!

In an attempt to make A Day in Motherhood the best possible blog it can be, I thought I would pick your brain and see what you really like and do not care for about this blog!  This is your chance to HONESTLY tell me what you like and do not like. I can only get better and offer better information by knowing the reason you guys come here in the first place.  Any CONSTRUCTIVE comments will be taken very seriously!

You can vote for more than one thing in each category!

I sincerely appreciate your time in taking these polls and, as always, leave me your links and I will come see you too!

I ask, please, that this not be a smear campaign.  If you do not like me or something about this blog so much that you must be hateful, then please send me a private email to lomargie at gmail dot com.

So – here we go… with a shaky hand and fearful heart, but one will the best intentions, I hit POST!

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