It does not snow in South Texas very often. When it does, it is a thin layer that barely is enough for a tiny show ball. But we all gather our cameras and take photos of this amazing event and we let the kids play until it melts. Usually within hours. So show skiing is not an activity my girls have ever done.  When they are older, I will take them. But right now, it is a foreign idea. So when I found out that Pinypon had been given three HO HO HO’s by Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves, I had to see what all the excitement was over the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge AND Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow. 

Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge AND Snow Adventure Car & Tow

I can see why Santa was so impressed. I am too. The detail work on this toy has promoted non stop play since I put it together. Not only that, it has promoted sharing and cooperation and working together in my girls!

What I LOVE about this is that not just one doll comes with the set. You know how it is. One doll, a huge house and lots of fighting unless you go get more dolls. The Ski Lodge alone comes with three interchangeable dolls and a dog. The dolls have switchable faces, removable hair and their bodies come apart too. Little accessories like snowflakes, hairbows, purses and more are all available to attach to the dolls too. So each child can make their doll their own.

The Ski Lodge  itself is awesome. Simply awesome.

Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge AND Snow Adventure Car & Tow

It comes with snowboards, skis, a snowmobile, a sled, picnic table, accessories… oh it goes on and on and on. But the really, REALLY cool thing is that it comes with a REAL skating rink! Yep! You just fill the rink with water, let it freeze into ice and wala – an ice rink for the dolls to skate on. How fun it that?

Since I opened this toy a few weeks ago, it is the very first place all three daughters go to play. With so many activities, dolls and fun, they have yet to get bored. And I LOVE that!

Check out this video below:

As a complimentary toy to the Ski Lodge, or on it’s own, the Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow, also by Pinypon, is equally as exciting. It comes with a doll, a car, a trailer, skis, a snowboard and suitcase and more accessories. My daughters ‘drive’ to and from the Ski Lodge and talk about their travel from far off places. Like Louisiana.  hehe

Purchasing both of these awesome toys is a definite for this holiday season! 5 HUGE mommy stars for creativity, promotion of community play and the ability to occupy kids for hours on end! Who says my kids don’t get to Ski in Texas?

Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge AND Snow Adventure Car & Tow

Get your Pinypon toys ONLINE or at Toys ‘R Us this holiday season! You will LOVE them!

To help you out, (1) of my readers will WIN the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge AND Snow Adventure Car & Tow! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway Open to US Residents, 18+. Giveaway Ends 12/14/2013.

Can not guarantee by Christmas Delivery.

Congratulations to our winner: Tim D.!!


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