Easter is coming!  Easter is coming!

Picture me, dancing with my basket, skipping in happiness, ala Snoopy. Except I am not a dog, and I don’t skip, and I don’t have a basket.

I’ll borrow the girls.

But despite all that…  I love Easter!  I really do!  To me, Easter is a sign that things are about to get warm in Texas and the outdoor activities will far exceed the indoor!  And since I am an outdoor gal by nature, that makes me very happy.

And just as God rose on Easter, I always feel my hopes for the year and my positive outlook for each day after rise as well!

Growing up for me it meant dinner at my Grandmother’s, easter egg hunts in her yard, and a happy day had by all.  Since the kids, Easter has meant easter egg hunts at our home, pretty, flowing dresses, and bows in hair that last 3 minutes!

We always got great Easter baskets from the Easter bunny and I love being able to give them to my kids as well!  It on one of my favorite things as a mother!

Last year, Katie was very sick on Easter.  She had a stomach virus that was the beginning of a round of family illness that lasted about 2 months.  It was miserable.  But I felt especially bad for Katie.  She was so looking forward to the egg hunt.

So I went ahead and laid about 100 eggs on our acre, let her grab her Easter basket and join her sisters on the hunt for candy filled eggs.

She was slow and made sure my husband and I were next to her through the whole hunt.  She just looked miserable but would not go back in the house to the couch lest she miss an egg.

After everyone had their eggs, we took pictures next to their name signs in the front yard.  Poor Katie, my camera addict, did not even smile.

As we sat down and let the girls open a few eggs, Katie found one with a yellow Peep in it.

“What is this Mommy?”

“It is a Peep honey.  One of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite Easter candies growing up.”

She looked at it funny and then licked it.  She liked the lick – she is human after all – and then bit into the Peep.

And then she smiled.

“Is it good honey?”

“It is so yummy Mommy.  Can I have another?”

And that made my whole day.  I saw my sick little four year old smile on Easter while eating one of my childhood favorites.  And that made it my favorite Easter to date!

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