A few weeks ago, Katie woke up in the middle of the night crying.  I could not get her to calm down, but when I finally did, she told me she had to poop and it was hurting.  I took a deep breath and knew that I was dealing with another bout of constipation.

And that it was going to be a long night.

We have problems with it sometimes, constipation, and I never know what to do.  And I never thought there could be a product my kids would take that could help me avoid nights like that.

Until I met Pedia Lax Fiber Gummies!

The fun and, apparently, tasty vitamins hide the fact that they are also a medicine to help my girls with their potty issues!

I know that for kids to be “regular”, they need to drink a lot of fluids – water preferably, they need to boost the fiber in the food they eat – easier said than done, and I need to get them on a – well, errr – poop schedule!  They get a lot of exercise but not enough fluids to replace what they use, and I know that this leads to their constipation issues!

While I am trying to get all of that in place, I am glad that there is a gummi my kids will eat that can help me in the process of keeping my kids on track.

After that night with Katie, I started giving my kids the Pedia Lax Fiber Gummies 3 times a day.  They called them “gum candy” and never protest when it is offered.   In fact, they always want more!

I have not had a single night since then where one of them has woken up upset due to poop issues!  In fact, I have noticed that they seem to go more regularly and more easily since taking the gummies!

No more guilty late nights wishing to God I had done something to prevent the painful constipation my young child is dealing with!  And since the product is for 2-11 year olds, I know that it will be in my home for a long time!

It is dentist approved and just received the PTPA Seal of Approval!  That makes me feel even more comfortable giving my kids the “gum candy” three times a day!

If you have ever sat on the bathroom floor, helpless, while your child turns red and cries because they can not go to the bathroom, this product should be on your shelf!  It is easy to give, easy for them to take, and certainly a benefit to their digestive health!


You can pickup your bottle of Pedia Lax Fiber Gummies at your local retailers or click on the bottle and get 3 bottles for $23.21 from Amazon.com!


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