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About six weeks ago a friend of mine took me to the movie theater, refused to tell me what we were seeing, and laughed at my ‘this is sooo not a movie I would see’ reaction when we got tickets to Pacific Rim.


Two hours later, I was IN LOVE with this movie! It is so not what I expected. Yes, it is a sci-fi, win against the monsters, blow them up, scenario. But it is also about teamwork, humanity and humility. Believe it or not, there is an actual story here that will resonate long after the final credits spin by!

Now this awesome movie starring a brilliant cast of actors, is out on DVD! And YOU can win a copy! I promise you, ladies, you will be the best wife, girlfriend, best pal of the man you sit and watch this with. But you don’t have to tell him how amazing it is if you don’t want to!

To get your excited about the DVD coming October 15, 2013, check out the fun app you can play with below!

Pacific Rim: CONTROLLABLE GIFs – Move & click your mouse across the GIFs to control the Giant Kaiju and Massive Jaegers!

Pacific Rim SUPERFAN QUIZ – How do your movie smarts stack up? Do you consider yourself to be a movie superfan? Take the quiz to find out!

Pacific Rim SOUNDBOARD – Pacific Rim features epic battles between the Jaegers and Kaiju! Play with SFX from the movie, create your own battle clashes, and save mankind from the apocalypse!

Are you ready to enter to WIN your own copy?

Congratulations to our winner Michelle T.!!