I was searching around the internet the other day looking for a fun, delicious recipe to make for my friends in a sort of impromptu get together.  I needed something dessert like to serve with warm, delicious Bigelow Tea but it has to be adaptable to me.  As in easy, fast, and delicious.  I came across this Layered Lemon & Black Tea Pudding recipe and immediately thought “YUM!”   And then I thought, “Hmm, that is just a lot of work.”


But surely, I could dumb it down for myself and make something similar with a lot less effort?  So I headed to Walmart to pick up some stuff and give a new recipe a shot!

Now, if you don’t know Bigelow Tea and the incredibly high quality product it produces then you need to take some time to go shopping for some of their amazing flavors!  I love the Pomegranate Black Tea and the Peach Tea and the Vanilla Chai and so many more.  One of my favorites this time of year, though, is the Cinnamon Stick.  Oh my goodness, it is so good and warm and Holiday-ee.  Bigelow became my favorite about a year ago when I discovered that the flavors are richer, more defined and warming than others I have tried.  I feel like the brand has a ‘high-quality’ taste to it and have been purchasing it since. I think anyone that loves tea should give them a chance.  Compare it to your typical brand and taste the difference!


I headed, with my little ones, to the tea aisle for inspiration for my little tea I wanted to have with my friends.  I knew I wanted a dessert like the one I had found and I knew that I wanted to flavor it in the warmth of the holiday season!  As I browsed the very familiar aisle of Bigelow Teas I dropped box after box in my basket.  Not for any other reason than I simply love the flavors and could think of all the warm cups of tea that would give me a sense of comfort when I drank them.

Bigelow Tea

And them my eyes fell on the Bigelow Tea Orange & Spice Tea.  Oh Orange & Spice!  I love the aroma of this tea.  The flavor is a little fruity a little spicy and a lot delicious.  I was inspired!  I grabbed a box and headed to the baking aisle!  I found little mini graham cracker pie crusts, vanilla pudding and bananas and I went home to test my theory that this was going to be delicious!

Here is the Dumb it Down for Busy Lori Recipe for Orange & Spice & Banana Pudding

1 Large box of Instant Vanilla Pudding
1 Cup of Bigelow Orange & Spice Herb Tea
2 Cups of Milk
6 Small Graham Cracker Pie Crusts

Make the Vanilla Pudding as indicated on the box but substitute 1 cup of the milk for a cup of cool, steeped tea.  Put a spoonful of pudding on the bottom of a mini pie crust, add banana pieces and then fill to the top with more pudding.  Chill, add a banana garnish and serve!  You can play around and add more tea and less milk depending on the intensity if flavor you want.

Oh my happy, dancing, I can not believe I have to give this to my friends and don’t get to eat them all myself, DELICIOUS!

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The tea adds the delicious flavor of spice and orange to the sweetness of the pudding.  I, honestly, could not believe how incredible this came out.  And despite my original desire not to share, I really really wanted my friends to enjoy it and see my little creation that took 10 minutes but tasted like it took hours!

Bigelow Tea

I let my friends choose the tea flavor they wanted to compliment the pudding and my friends and I joined my kids, who were having dinner, to share a quick moment after a long day to chat about the Holidays and relax from the bustle.  They were none to happy when the pudding were gone but we were all super excited to spend that moment together just enjoying #AmericasTea.  They each went home with their favorite box of tea.  I think  I have converted them!


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Bigelow Tea

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