I don’t know why I do this to myself.  Up and out of the blue finally decide to be a responsible parent and teach these kids what really should be done.  I should never, ever do this.  Nine times out of ten, it blown up in my face.

But I am happy to say I think I had a break through tonight.

You all know that my kids get milk when they go to bed.  A very bad habit we started when they were nursing babies and fell asleep in my arms.  When we transferred them to beds and weaned them, we kept up with it.  Now, at ages 18 months, 3 years, and 4 years, they still get milk in bed.

I have tried, very unsuccessfully to take the milk away.  I have.  Really.  I have.

I usually, after about the 5th hour of whining, give up and cave.  For peace, to avoid more tears shed, and so I can blog.  Let’s be honest.  Plus, it really is more beneficial to them that they don’t have it.  It is better for their teeth, their sleep patterns, and their diets.

So, after realizing that Sarah fell asleep last night next to me without her precious milk and slept through the night without getting up and asking for more, my resolve was cemented.  Sarah and Katie, at least, needed to start going to bed without milk!

So, at 7:30 pm, I gave them their last cup.

At 8 pm, I put them to bed.

It went on for hours.  They cried, they pleaded, they broke my heart.  Literally, it took almost an hour to get Sarah to settle down and two to get Katie to.  I sang song, read books, told stories, promised a surprise in the morning.  I did it all.  

And I kept a very important promise to myself.

I did not yell one time the entire ordeal.  Nor did I spank.  Nor did I punch a hole in the wall in frustration.

My calmness was the key, I think.  And though it took hours and I am exhausted and now going to curl up on the couch and watch a movie, with a tiny bowl of frozen yogurt, I am proud of myself.

Because in this crazy life of motherhood, this is considered a moderate success.  I’ll have this fight for the next week or so until they get it, their diets are reset, and everyone is used to the new routine.

But I will take it.  One success at a time.