Good Morning All!

I have GREAT News to report!

I FINALLY have a real loss to share!

This week, drum roll please….

I lost 1.5 pounds and smashed through the 160’s to the 150’s!

From 161.2 to 159.7!!

That is 1.5 right?  Asks the Finance major!

I know it is not much and I think were Mother Nature not rearing her ugly head the day of weigh in, it might be even more, but after weeks and weeks of frustrations and flipping on ounces, I am THRILLED to see an actual pound gone!

So, after 9 weeks, I have lost 8.6 pounds and am right on track with the program!  Only 1.4 to the coveted BEAR!!

I wonder what I’ll name him?

Probably Fred.  Goes with Wilma.  Sounds cohesive.

Anyway, while I dust my shelf for ole Freddy boy, I want to share how I did on my “list” of changes I made last week!

1) I did post my daily list on my fridge and it was amazing the difference it made!  I could go and pick and choose from what I had and managed to eat every few hours as a result!  I missed a few meals but could easily find a place for them!  RECOMMEND!!

2)  Sit ups…  I did maybe 4 days of the 50 sit ups.  I simply forgot since it is not habit!  I have this goal again this week!

3)  I stopped taking little bites!  Even avoiding a tast of Velveeta Shells and Cheese and pizza!  Color me PROUD!

4)  NO tears here this week!  Just staunch determination!

5)  I stayed OFF the scale!!  The whole week!!  And I am SO glad I did!!  What a nice feeling to get on and see real numbers instead of ounces!  It did wonders for my psyche!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

So there you have it.  A real loss.  Real lessons learned.  And yummy food to boot… which I need to reorder…  cause I am low!

My Progress:

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