Its week 8.

I will admit, tears have escaped my little green eyes this week. I had expected to post that I was down at least double digits. Instead I am posting that the bunny affected me, I pigged out on Easter, and I gained .2 pounds to show my weakness!

I tried so hard to be good on Easter!  But since the celebration was at my house, I did not take my first bite of food until after 2pm and by then I was famished and forgot all about my pulled out Nutrisystem breakfast and lunches that sat on my counter.

From there, it snowballed!

I tell you though, if I had not gotten right back on track, I would be reporting something much bigger than .2!

I watch the #NSNation thread and I see so many succeeding.  And I burst with pride!  But am also somewhat jealous.

I am also following the plan and really, really, trying to stick to it every single day. Compared to the constant stuffing of my face that I used to do before the program, I eat about 1/2 of that now. So I really thought that my body would reward me and let go.

It has not and I fear I am back in purgatory at 161.2 again.

So, here is my plan to bust out of the bulge and really making my body work with me instead of against me!

1)  I will be posting my daily food requirements on my fridge.  That way, when it is time to eat, I do not have to run to the computer to see what I am supposed to be doing.  I end up guessing and then mess up.  I think that is keeping me from the real losses.

2)  I am going to try – really hard – to do at least 50 sit ups a day or some sort of exercise other than housework and tending to the kids.

3)  I am going to stop saying “This little bite won’t matter.”  Really, isn’t that why I need a plan to begin with, because all of the “little bites” add up?

4)  No more frustrating tears!  I know everyone’s bodies are different and that weight comes off in different ways.  I am losing…  slowly, but I am.  And I am going to hang onto that until I finally break through and can make a real difference!

5)  No more weighing every single day.  Sometimes more than once.  The psychological affects are more damaging than anything!  The scale is gone until next Friday!

So that is it.  Pretty simple stuff that- hopefully- will make a BIG difference!

Here is my progression:

This is the perfect time to get healthy with me and Nutrisystem!!  You can join online at or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!

**I am receiving Nutrisystem to try for myself and post back on.  My opinions are 100% my own and all writings can not be duplicated without prior permission.  Your experience with the program and foods may not be the same as mine.**