I am sorry this post is a little late!  I had a trip out of town this weekend and just did not get to it before I left!

Holding hand out for smacking.

I broke even last week and frankly, am getting a little tired of breaking even!

But, to be brutally honest, though I followed the fabulous Nutrisystem diet on the eating side, I am still struggling with the timing and add ins side.

There were at least 2 days last week where I did not eat breakfast until noon and dinner until midnight.  And since the week presented about 3 pieces of really bad news in our house, my sleep averaged less than 3 hours a night.  No way I am going to lose weigh in that scenerio!

But this is how AWESOME the support is on Nutrisystem!

A representative saw a tweet I posted about my lack of sleep and thus, weight loss, and within minutes had sent me a link to a website forum where I could talk to others about how to balance my insane lifestyle with Nutrisystem and still make it a success!

So  now that I am back in town, I have posted in the forum and will pass on next week any fabulous tips that I get.  From past experience on the boards, they should be fast and reliable!  People are so great on the forum boards!

And then, because I am all motivated to get this done and done right, I went to the Chat Rooms!  Immediately, I had 3 people relating to my very dilemma.  A lot of little kids and a lot of shifting schedules!  We got to chatting and in the end, I used another of Nutrisystem’s multi tiered support and called a dietitian!

Carol was FABULOUS and so so kind!  Amazingly enough, she had children very close together and now has Grandchildren around all of the time.  She also does not get enough sleep and really sympathized with me!

Here is what I learned by taking advantage of all of the support Nutrisystem has to offer:

– Eat within the 1st hour of getting up – even if it is a hard boiled egg.  Just eat something to get that metabolism going!

– Try to have something on the daily checklist every 2-3 hours.  It does not have to be “at lunch time” or before 7 at night.  It just has to be within the day somewhere!

– Just because it is  breakfast does not mean you have to eat it at breakfast!  I love this because I loooove breakfast for dinner and often crave large meals mid day instead of at night.  So, Connie said I could have my afternoon snack at breakfast, use my lunch as my add in filler through the day, have my evening meal at lunch, and my breakfast at night!  And then DESSERT!  I did not know that I could do this and now feel like the pressure to be exact on the times and meals is relaxed!

– Despite my lack of sleep, the program will still work.  It just may take longer to counter the lack of shut eye.

I am so happy that my #NSNation friends and supporters, and Nutrisystem were there for me during this frustrating week!  I know that with them, I can get this right and get to that derned bear faster!

Oh – here is my weekly break down so far:

So, still down 7 pounds in 6 weeks.  Sigh!


I do have some FABOO news though!

I am still drinking about 128 ounces of water a day and my friend who I have not seen in a few weeks commented this weekend that I looked younger!  She said my face looks brighter!  YEA!  All the water is at least paying off in that way!

This week starts a new motivation thanks to all of the support I get!  Let’s see if, even after barely eating this weekend because I was out of town and distracted, I can pull off any loss with my new found knowledge!

This is the perfect time to get healthy with me and Nutrisystem!!  You can join online at Nutrisystem.com or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!


**I am receiving Nutrisystem to try for myself and post back on.  My opinions are 100% my own and all writings can not be duplicated without prior permission.  Your experience with the program and foods may not be the same as mine.**