Good Morning my friends!

I was all ready to bash myself this morning because I thought I was on week 6 and had not lost what I had.  But I am on week 5 and so right on track!  So, I will be nice to me and honest with you!

I lost 1.2 pounds this week!

Now…  the truth is I might be just breaking even or have a small gain from last weeks scale debacle, but since I took the high number last week, the loss registers this week!

Total Loss:  6.7 pounds

04.08.2011 (11:30): 161.6 lbs
04.01.2011 (12:43): 162.8 lbs
03.18.2011 (11:00): 163.2 lbs
03.11.2011 (11:47): 163.2 lbs
03.06.2011 (13:26): 168.3 lbs


Now- let’s talk about the truth part and put the celebrating aside for a sec.

I am doing the plan.  But I am cheating.  Yes… cheating.

For some reason, I have gotten it in my head that I am “allowed” a cheat meal on the Friday evening that I weigh in.  I do not know why I think that.  Cheat meals are just  – well – cheating.  And – to be totally honest – the food on Nutrisystem is SO good that even the “cheat” meals kinda don’t even stand up to them.

Well, this week, the cheat meal turned into a cheat weekend.  We were gone all weekend at events and, though I took my food like a good girl, I chose to eat other things.

Greasy chicken…  potato salad… cookies….  *cough cough*

The odd thing is, I kept telling myself, “You can lose it later this week!”

Really?  This is how I plan on doing this?  Cheating and then spending the rest of the week rigidly beating myself up because I have to get the weight off!

Yes… Lori… that sounds totally healthy and like it will totally sustain after you stop the program.  Can you say, “Setting myself up for relapse?”

But I wonder, is my mental argument an indication of lack of self control or is it a deeper self sabotage?

Since I get more enjoyment from the food on Nutrisystem and I feel better and have more energy and know that it is working, the only thing I can think is that I am truly talking myself out of succeeding.  I don’t know why though. I am well aware that I am lucky to have this opportunity and I KNOW I deserve it and deserve to be healthy and – well – hot again!

So, this coming week, I am going to fight with all of my might to redirect my subconscious mind in a more positive direction.  No more cheat meals that can lead to cheat days that can lead to cheat weekends!  Just yummy, healthy food that can only make me look and feel better!

My goal is to beat the mental monster that I have allowed in! And to keep drinking my 128 ounces of water a day from my constant companion, the Nutrisystem water bottle.  And to ask for help from the amazing support team online and on the phone at Nutrisystem when the monster rears her chubby head!

I aim to earn my 1st Nutrisystem bear in the next few weeks…  so to do it, I have to keep my head up, my mind clear, and my heart honest!

And my eyes on the bear!

This is the perfect time to get healthy with me and Nutrisystem!!  You can join online at or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!


**I am receiving Nutrisystem to try for myself and post back on.  My opinions are 100% my own and all writings can not be duplicated without prior permission.  Your experience with the program and foods may not be the same as mine.**