Well – finally.  After flailing miserable at what to do to get my hiney in gear and get this program right, I have had a GOOD week!

I lost 4.2 pounds this week!

Yep – from 161.4 that stunned me like mad last week to 157.2.  In one week!

Now, I am still 2 up from my low on this program but that is a pretty nice week no matter how you cut it!

What’s funny though is that 3 people have asked me if I have lost weight!  I’ll take it but I know I have floundered and struggled along the way.

One think that totally surprised me this week is that I am IN LOVE with the Soy BBQ Chips!  I never thought I would like them and now I wish I had 20 more bags!  They are yummalicious and rival the BBQ chips you get in the store for 50x the fat and calories!

Seriously, I am loving that I talked to a Dietician and ordered the way I did.  I am surprised at how much I like the foods I did not think I would like!

So downward we go on the scales again.  I have an event in October where I might be on TV and I really want to be in the 140’s by then!

So motivation and dedication might just keep me on the straight and skinny!  :)

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