My new order arrived yesterday of yummy, higher protein foods!

Now, I did not need to do this on Nutrisystem but I need energy and I think this will help me!  I talked to a Nutrisystem dietician about it via email and we are all set!

Another change, my weigh ins will now be on Thursdays.   Usually Thursday nights are “out” nights.  The nights that we decide to have a fun family dinner!  For a while now I have felt left out or like I have to starve myself for my weigh in on Fridays.  And even though I still use the plan, just the knowledge that I have to weigh in the next morning makes me kinda sad.

SO – I am changing it.  I, of course, will still do the plan on Thursday nights – why not, the food is awesome – but at least I won’t feel stress of I decided to have a glass of wine with dinner!

I think I lost a total of 11 pounds the first 19 weeks.  I am looking to lose twice that the second 19!


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