Break even, break even, break even.

The story of my journey to fit into the clothes on the mannequin.

Got up, stepped on that scale, and watched it calebrate to 156.  Again.


So I am a bit disgruntaled.  Mostly at myself, but a little at my scale.

In order to abort my desire to throw it out the window without actually opening the window, I sat down and went down my list of what I did all week.

I did pretty well.  I stuck to the plan, for the most part, and enjoyed my meals like I always do.

And that is it.  I did not exercise like I wanted, I did not add in the veggies and proteins like I was supposed to and I did not eat first thing in the morning.

No wonder I broke even.

So, I started to think.  Maybe I need help.   Real help.  Not just Lori psychobabble self fix it stuff, but real help.

Luckily, Nutrisystem has the most amazing support groups online, on the phone, and on social networking.  So, Tuesday morning, bright and early, I will be making a call.

Before I order my 4th month of food, I want to know what is suggested for my particular plan.  How many yummy bars, how many full dinners, and so on. And I want to ask about my friends theory that ordering carb weighed meals can make you lose slower!

Plus, I want to see if they have any advice for jump starting me off of this vicious cycle of lose, stagnate, gain, lose, stagnate that I seem to have adopted.

If anything I know they will be incredibly motivating, supportive and all ears.  Just that may get me going again!

Wish me luck!!

Still down 13 pounds in 17 weeks though!  :)

Do You want to lose it too?

Join me for the Summer time Nutrisystem 50% OFF Sale!  There is no better time to get healthy with me! You can join online at or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!

**I receive Nutrisystem products in return for posting about my experience on the program.  All writings are 100% my own opinion.**