I am on Week 16 of this awesome program and my body repays my hard work with a half pound gain!

If I could put my thumbs in my ears, stick out my tongue and ppllewww it at my body, I would.  But I am 38.  At least on my birth certificate.  So I will just stomp my feet, cross my arms and pout!

So, since I am tired of the bouncing back and forth, I have planned a major shake up in my game plan.  Because this is the end all weight loss program and it is ME standing in the way of it working as well for me as it has for others.

I started by asking some friends who have been through the program and one told me that when she stalled, she made sure that she ordered very little carb based meals the next month, and the melting began again.  That makes a lot of sense to me!

My last order, I ordered my favorites.  And by favorites, I mean pasta.  Lots and lots of pasta.  It seems like that would be OK, right?   Eating nothing but pasta seems like a fantastic weight loss plan to me, don’t ya think? And most people can do it!

Except that I think I have secretly sabotaged myself this month because I overloaded on my carbs.  Now, I know that the awesome professional chefs work hard to make sure that each meal is healthy – and so so so yummy.  And savory.  And craving inducing…

Sorry, back on track.

BUT, I think one of the reasons I am losing so slowly is because I am not giving my body enough variety and nutrition by switching up my meals.  I eat pasta every single night.  And at lunch.  And I am not adding enough of  my salads to go with them to really balance the nutrition.

My next order will be placed next week and I am going to try my friends method this time!  It can’t hurt, right?  And we know that because all of the food is so amazing, I’ll like what I get so I will be happy!

Also, I will be adding the grab and go breakfast and lunch bars back into the menu, and replacing half of my desserts with new snacks!

Who knows, maybe this has been my problem all along.  That instead of balancing my diet, I have carb loaded it?

What do you guys think?  Could this be my issue?

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