Whew!  I lost a pound this week!

From 156.5 to 155.5!

YEA!!  So on week 15, I am down 13.3 pounds {I thought it was 14 and I was all bummed and then I thought, “Are you kidding me?  13.3 ROCKS}!

Not a lot, I know, but awesome for me!

My week this week was insane so I really thought I would gain or stay the same.  I averaged 3 hours of sleep a night, thanks to a new bedtime tactic we are trying with our oldest {that is clearly failing} – and my eating schedule was abysmal.  Most days I did not even have my super yummy Nutrisystem muffin until after 2pm and was eating my creamy Chicken and Dumplings at midnight.

Not exactly the perfect scenerio for massive weight loss, right?

BUT, it is a testament to the fact that no matter how horribly your schedule and nutrition habits are, if you stick to Nutrisystem foods and DO the plan, you will lose some weight.  Not as much as people who are sticklers and making sure they follow every rule, but you WILL lose!

And because the food is so good, you will stick to it!

BUT, I really, really, really want to be down 16 pounds at week 16 so that I can stay on my personal goal of 1 pound a week!  How I will do it?  I am not sure yet!  I am open to any tips on how to change my habits consistently so that I actually remember to stop doing puzzles with the girls and eat when I am supposed to!  I really think it will help!

Please leave them in my comment section!

By the way, I took my measurements too but there was no change so hopefully, next week, they will be postable!

Do You want to lose it too?

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