I am a little late posting today!  So sorry! I had an event this morning and then kids and then house and then more kids!

This week I gained .5 pounds, which in Lori scale speak means I broke even.   Yes, the scale has its own language.  The art is interpreting it!

Look, I had cheese cake on Monday {in a moment of weakness, it is all the #HoustonBloggers fault} …  so I am thrilled that I broke even!

But this week,  I want to talk about food!

I know you all see the tweets {#NSNation} and Facebook posts about how much everyone loves the Nutrisystem food.

I can assure you, it is not just talk!

In fact, I even crave some of my favorites over my old stand bys.  And though I am a good cook in my own right, I have nothing on the Nutrisystem chefs!

Breakfast has never been a meal I really focus on.  Two cups of coffee and I am all set until 2pm.  That habit started in college and has followed me since.  I still struggle to make sure I eat within an hour of waking.  I fail a lot which might explain a bit my slower weight loss than others on the program.

But I am getting to where I actually wake and crave a bowl of Nutrsytem Granola with a half a banana on it or my ultimate favorite, the Ham and Cheese omelet!

Lunch has me in a kanundrum most days.  If I have had the omelet than my favorite lunch, the Toasted Ham and Cheese seems redundant.  So, I move on to my next favorite, the Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken.  Or the Creamy Caeser Salad with Chicken.

Dinner is pasta.  Or meatloaf.  Or pasta.  Or Pasta with Swedish meatballs.  Or whatever is in my cabinet. As long as it is followed by  a Peppermint Cookie patty – tastes better than a York! – or Ice Cream Sandwich I am golden and happy.

You see… the food is real!  And real means good.   Really good.  Like my belly wants it good. 

In fact, except for things I have just not cared for my whole life, I have yet to try or even see anything on the Nutrisystem menu that I would not think is amazing!

That is why this program is so easy to stick to!  When it tastes like cardboard, you stop wanting it.  When it tastes like food you would make your family, you eat it every day!

Which is why it is working for me!  Yes, I know, slowly.  Shirly at Skinny Blog lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks.  My body, apparently does not work that way!  I am still happy with my 13 pounds down so far!  And without Nutrisystem, I would not be down anything!

Do You want to lose it too?

Join me for the Summer time Nutrisystem 50% OFF Sale!  There is no better time to get healthy with me! You can join online at Nutrisystem.com or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!