This week saw a lot of new and exciting events! All topped off with an extremely surprising weigh in with a loss of 1.8 pounds!

Surprising because the scale told me something entirely different Wednesday morning and I was preparing for yet another “I don’t understand it” post!

But, I was diligent this week and my body decided to reward me!

So, at week 13, I am down 12.8 pounds overall!

And though I know #NSNation participants who lost that in the first 2 weeks, I am thrilled and ecstatic to be very close to my goal of 1 pound a week!

In addition to that, amazing things happened to re-inspire and motivate me to keep it up!

The first is the connection and pinky swear pack with fellow Nutrisystem loser, Jo from  If you do not know her, you should!  She is amazing!  Motivational, supportive, and just plain fun!  Find her on Twitter – where I imagine all tweets in her Australian accent – which is just pure entertainment for me!

So we made a pact to focus less on the scale and more on our measurements!  I could not find my fabric tape last night so I used twine and a ruler!  Hey, at least I get points for creativity, right?

But I found my tape this morning and was, amazingly, only off by a little!

My measurements are:

Upper Arms:  13.0

Chest:  39.5

Waist:  38.5

Hips:  41

Thigh:  21

So, in addition to my scale victories, I will finally be tracking my measurements!  Especially that ugly number around the middle!

So thank you JO!  This is going to be fun!

My second amazing discovery – that has been staring me in the face since I got my Droid 3 weeks ago, is that there is a Nutrisystem APP!

Seriously, where have I been?

I downloaded that bad boy and am so excited to use it when I am out and about!  My most challenging time!


So there you have it.  Week 13 = a  loss, a partner, and a new tool!

This Nutrisystem journey just gets better and better!

Do You want to lose it too?

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