I gained 1.2 pounds this week to 157.8.  So, we can just up and erase last week!  Bummer!

But I knew I would!

I made a major paux pas when planning my Nutrisystem food this week.  I forgot to account for three nights out with graduation celebrations and mother nature.  I did not eat before I left or make sure I had enough on hand if the celebrations ran late!

I did take my trusty Nutrisystem snacks and my baggies of carrots and fruit.  But I failed to account for the fact that I was missing an actual meal and was famished by the end of graduations.  So, despite the grilled chicken and veggie selections, I tended to well… pig out!

As for mother nature.  Well, what can I do about her?  I feel the water retainage rushing into my body as I speak. Hopefully next week she’ll reward me with taking all of that away!

And I am still down 11+ pounds so I am happy!

Now, with the holiday weekend ahead of me, I have my work cut out for me.  Although I think all of the places we are going has a microwave so I think I am all golden!

Despite this week interrupting my momentum, I am continually thrilled with Nutrisystem!  I am loving my new foods that I got last week and actually crave them!  In fact, when I did stray this week, I felt like I did not have near the energy and was hungrier sooner than my normal Nutrisystem week!  That alone tells me that these foods are certainly made well and achieving their goals of being healthy and perfectly balanced!

SO onward to the next week!  A loss is sure to come!

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