Forgive the Pirate reference.  It has been a Pirates kind of week!  LOL!

Week 11 saw a lot of fun Nutrisystem events!

I got my new shipment of food – both cabinet and frozen and I am anxiously awaiting my first 10 pound bear!

PLUS:  I lost another 1.2 pounds this week!


That puts me down 12.2 pounds over 11 weeks!

Not too shabby for a mom who never sleeps and eats at the weirdest times imaginable!

I wanted to talk a little about my ordering this month!

The first 2 months of the program, I ordered the exact same thing.  All of the food is so good that I simply saw no reason to switch it up.

Well, towards the end of this month, before my reorder, I realized that I was really craving th those that were already consumed.  So, I made note of those foods and slimlined my order to more suit my continual tastes.  Because, though I love variety – and there is a TON to choose from – I found that I my old standbys might have served me better.

You know, pastas, chocolate, cereals, and creamy ceasar salads!  

So, I loaded up!

And now I am back to craving every single meal I have.  Which, I know, will keep me even more in tuned to the program!

I am so excited to see what this next week has in store for me!

Do You want to watch it come off too?

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