If I knew how to do animation, I would have me, in all my happy glory, backflipping my new, lighter self all over this screen!

I am Finally DOWN 10.5 pounds!

Bring on the Nutrisystem Bear!

I am so excited!

This last 10 weeks has been quite a journey!

It has been more than just a GREAT program, it has been life changing.  I have achieved personal success and personal failures.  I have psychologically sabotaged myself and beaten the words that lead to unhealthy decisions!  I have broken promises to myself, forgiven me for doing so, and kept many more.

I have discovered what a support system is.  Both online with #NSNation and in emails with fellow Nutrisystem users.  I called on experts with Nutrisystem when I was lost, accepted advice from them, and finally seem to have a handle on my self control!

And I have discovered that a diet can change my waistline, but Nutrisystem is changing my life!

10.5 pounds is amazing!  Sure, I have 29.5 to go.  There is a long road ahead!  But being 25% closer to the finish line is a great feeling!

And on a non scale victory, one of my neighbors, whom I see almost every day, stopped me the other day and said, “You look amazing, you are really losing weight!”  I said, well, just 9 pounds.  She said, “Well them you are losing major inches!”

I smiled all the way home but now wish I had taken my measurements at the beginning of this!

This really is an amazing program and I am so blessed to be able to share it with YOU!

Do you want to walk on the clouds of success too?

Join me for the Summer time Nutrisystem 50% OFF Sale!  There is no better time to get healthy with me!  You can join online at Nutrisystem.com or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!