Holy Schmoley Happy Mother of Thinnity!

I LOST 5.1 Pounds on my 1st week of Nutrisystem!!!

5.1  POUNDS!

Gone!  Kapoot!  Vanished!  And Good Riddance I say!

Yes – mama went from 168.3 to 163.2!

And, if you promise to keep a secret, I’ll tell you how SHOCKED I am that I lost at all!

Let’s see – Saturday night I went to a wedding – ate fried food and even cake… Bride’s AND Grooms!  And then, a few times this week, I had some beers… and a glass – or 2 of wine.

Shhhh….  don’t tell Nutrisystem!

I am literally shocked you guys!  Really, really happy and really, really amazed!  Because, to be brutally honest, I do not feel like I am “dieting” at all! Shoot, last night I had Carrot Cake and I don’t care if it came out of a Nutrisystem package, there is no way in the world that cake was low fat.  It was yummy and gooey and sweet and wonderful.  I certainly felt I was cheating!

I always feel like I am cheating on this diet!  In fact, I’ll tell you a true story!

I got an idea to go to Austin earlier this week to see my parents.  I loaded up my kids, packed some things, and a day of meals from Nutrisystem.  At dinner, my parents made fish and veggies and it all looked so yummy.  But I was – seriously – craving something creamy and carbohydrate loaded.  Well the only thing I had was Nutrisystem’s Creamy Penne in Alfredo Sauce with Chicken!

I know what you are thinking…  it’s DIET food?  How can it not taste like cardboard?  But, I had been impressed thus far with the food so I told my fat cells to simmer down and popped it in the microwave.

I have to tell you…  it was divine!  And when my mother heard me slurping and smacking like an untrained seal, she had to have a bite.  And then she said,”WOW.  I could eat that every single day!”

For a woman who has tried everything to lose extra pounds and stay within her weight range, that was huge!  And a great testament that I am not lying when I tell you the food is incredibly good!

Now the first few days, I did feel a little hungry.  And then I realized that I was not eating my veggies and fruits like I was supposed to.  Once I started doing that, I was all set!

So, I am happy to report that this might actually work!  I know I can eat this food every week and feel spoiled and full and satisfied AND get the added bonus of losing this dreaded weight!

I’ll see you next week to report in.  This weekend is Girl’s Weekend so I am a tad nervous.  But I know if I take my food and have it right there, I’ll be alright!

Now that I am all excitable and stuff, come join me!

March is National Nutrition Month!!!

So this is the perfect time to get healthy with me and Nutrisystem!!  You can join online HERE or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!

And I will be here to track my journey with you every step of the way!