Good Morning All!

Here I am, one weekend into Nutrisystem and I have to say….   IMPRESSIVE!

The food is sooooo good!  YEA!

I forgot to have my hubs take a Before Pic so I will get that done by my weigh in on Friday but I am starting this new journey at a hefty 168.3 pounds!  EEK!

That is what I get for oinking out while waiting on my food delivery…  2 more pounds to lose!  UGH!

I have to say, the largest challenge I have so far is figuring out what to eat with my meals.  I thought I had researched pretty well but when crunch time comes and I am ready to eat, I draw a blank!  I know, as I get accustomed to the program, that will dissipate!

So far, the chicken and dumplings is my favorite!  So yummy and creamy and, since I added a side salad, I was full when I was finished with it!  But, like I said, I have not found one thing that I do not like so far!  It is all really good, I promise!

Especially the chocolate bars…  ahem…  ;D

So I am anxiously awaiting my frozen food order to try that too.  But if it is anything like the prepackaged food, then this program will be a cinch to stay on to the bitter thin!

If YOU would like information on joining Nutrisystem and traveling through this program with me, please click Here or call 888-853-4689!

**I am receiving the Nutrisystem Program for review.  All opinions and thoughts are independently mine and can not be reused without prior permission.  My experience with the program and/ or its products may not be the same as yours.”