I could not be more excited to report that my box of Nutrisystem food has arrived!  After reading post after post of successful Nutrisystem participants both at Nutrisystem.com and on twitter under hashtag #NSNation, I have been chomping at the bit!

So, here it is!  18 Breakfasts, 18 Lunches, 18 Dinners and 18 Snacks and Desserts!  All color coded and ready to be put away and organized for use!  I am still waiting on 40 frozen meals, but I have plenty to get started!

I also received my Meal Planner, On-The-Go Meal Planner, and my Resource Guide.  All tools to make this program a resounding success!


Just as I did with the weight loss journey posts I started this year, I will be weighing in and posting my successes, struggles, and realities.  And  – gulp – my before picture – be kind!  I hope that you all will follow along as we make 2011 our year to get healthy!

So tonight is it.  My last meal before I kick these fat cells in the butt, get them to stand up straight, and march, single file, out of my body!  I have 40 pounds to lose!

In the morning I will post my weight and Sunday, I will let you know how the 1st day went.  Since I have a wedding tomorrow night, it should be interesting!

Do you want more information on Nutrisystem and how to use this program to lose weight and get healthy?   Contact them at 888-853-4689 or click here!

**I am receiving the Nutrisystem program as compensation for posting about their program and products.  My opinions and results are mine and can not be reused without prior permission.  Your experience with their program and products may differ from mine.**