Every year, a myriad of friends tell me their New Year’s Resolutions.   I listen, happy to oblige this annual traditions of making empty promises to ones self but secretly hope they make it happen.  I usually don’t make any and rely on the old standby, “My resolution is not to make any.”
But this year…  this year might be different.
2011 will be the first year since 2005 that I have not been pregnant or nursing.  And unless God somehow gets my egg out of one severed fallopian tube, swims it across the channel to the other fallopian tube, also fused together by a doctor’s touch, and does it in time to go meet a spermie, I think it will stay that way.  And if it does not, I will be a very rich lady and start dictating my posts to a mom who needs the money that I hired just because I can.
Anyway, I digress….  as usual.
So, with this being the first real year that I am legitimately out of excuses, I need to do something to make myself stand up and take a stand, pursue a goal, stop the excuses.  Of course, the popular “I will lose all of this weight if I have to eat spinach and chicken for the rest of the year” comes to mind.  But that is a crowded field so I will look at that more realistically.  Which is why I shamelessly post my weight on here and failures on my new crusade to get healthy every week.
Nope, I won’t make that a resolution…  it’s already started.
I suppose I could resolve to take more time for myself but we all know that it is not my decision alone when I want to go somewhere.  And unless dogs are becoming suitable babysitters in 2011, I will just have to take what I can between the chores and my husband’s schedule.
That is a pretty unattainable resolution, so I will let that one fly too.
I can resolve to be nicer to my kids, focus more on them and less on getting away from them, be more honest about my lazy parenting style, and admit that I probably spend more time on my computer than I have to.  I can promise to put my husband first, walk my dogs more, make sure my friends know they are important to me every day, and call my parents just to say “Hi”.  And I can make serious efforts to make healthy dinners, play a board game with my kids once a week – despite the noise and mess, and write new songs just for them.
These are all good, decent, possible resolutions.  But, shouldn’t I be doing them every day anyway?  Is it really a resolution if it is just my job?
I don’t smoke, won’t give up coffee…  trust me, that would not be pretty, and I drink but not in – much – excess.
So, after thinking long and hard about this I have decided that my new year’s resolution, a promise I can keep to myself, and a goal I can  achieve is…
Wait for it…
I, Lori P, resolve not to complain about my boobs this year!
There you go.  I hope I can do it.  It’s going to be a challenge but I am committed.  I know with the right support, a cup of courage, and a strap of wisdom, it can be done.  I’ll be hanging low on updates on my progress, to prevent any criticism that might lead to sagging confidence.
But I will check this post next year and see if I have made it!  Have I gone one entire year without complaining about my boobs?
And now I invite you, my friends.  My other blogging pals who took time to write their resolutions for all of the world to see.  Link up your post below and next year, January 1, 2012, I will repost this one and all of your links so that we may all look back and see what we wanted one year ago!
Thanks and I can’t wait to read them all and join your sites…  ’cause I know you all joined mine, right?  ;)

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