Just put the bottle of Purex Natural Elements with Dirt Lifter to your nose and inhale.  The sweet tropical aroma will have you stripping every sheet and rewashing every clean towel in the house just so you can enjoy the scent.

Purex natural Elements

But, truly, laundry detergent can smell as good as it wants to.  If it does not work, there is no point.

So, as I always do – even though I already know Purex works, no matter what the scent or formula – I did some laundry. There is no shortage here so it was easy to gather a load that had a myriad of issues.  Chocolate milk spills, stuck on Easter candy and so on.  I threw it all in the washer, inhaled one more time, and let that sucker spin.

Out of the washer and into the dryer and I was returned slightly scented laundry that was soft, stain free and clean.  Just as I suspected it was.  And I love the hint of tropical scent that still lingers as my kids and I get dressed!

Purex Natural Elements

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Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blend

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