In case you have not figured it out yet, I get super excited about the little things.  The mail arriving makes me jump up, run the the box and rummage through the ads to get to the bills.  OK, maybe that is not exciting.  But when I open my door and a package is sitting there that I was not expecting, I LOVE it.  And when I get in touch with the company and we work out a way for YOU to get a package too… well… that just has me doing the happy dance all over the living room!

I opened such a box just two days ago and inside was a NEW product that I got to try before it hit shelves!  NEW On the Go Minute Maid Juices in Strawberry Passion and Fruit Punch!  Now, it is confession time.  I remember sitting at the table at the Conversations with Coca Coal table and drinking this.  And it has stuck with me so I look everywhere for them.  They are delicious, light, refreshing and now, in the convenient on the go package, are the perfect grab and go beverage.  So… the confession?  I only have one bottle left.  Ouf of 6.  In my house.  Two days later.

Truth be told, my husband took one sip and – ignoring the fact that I needed amazing photos for this post – drank them at will.  And when my kids got wind that they could have them, it was all over.  I actually hid the last bottle so I could enjoy it’s smooth, fruity flavor while I typed this post.

I don’t know which is my favorite.  The Strawberry Passion is an almost tangy, sweet flavor without being overwhelming.  It goes down easily and is so refreshing.  I know refreshing as it is 105 degrees in Texas right now!  The Fruit Punch flavored juice is a wonderful blend of pineapple, apple, grapes, pears and more.  I can just almost taste most of them and really love the light, clean flavor!

Minute Maid has created a product that I think everyone will love.  And at only 220 calories a bottle for the Strawberry Passion and 210 calories a bottle for the Fruit Punch, it is the perfect semi sweet drink anytime!

Consider mixing these drinks too!  We mixed them with Seagram’s Carbonated beverages and made a sparkly, fun drink that anyone would love!

I think everyone should try these Minute Maid juices so I am THRILLED to offer, thanks to the Coca Cola Company, one (1) of my readers the same package that I received!  So you will get 3 bottles of the Strawberry Passion and 3 bottles of the Fruit Punch.  Try to make them last more than 2 days… I think it is impossible… but that is just me!

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**I received these products for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

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