NeoCell, recent award winner of Best New Beauty and Spa product for their Keratin Hair Volumizer formula at the NEOP Europe, offers products that will enhance the beauty of your skin, hair and nails.  We all want to put our best face forward, have good hair days and not look like we gnawed our finger nails down to nothing, right?  With their newest products like Beauty Burst, gourmet chews with beauty nutrition; Keratin Hair Volumizer for shiny and abundant hair; and lastly, the Collagen Beauty Builder for skin, you are sure to notice improvements and maintain the beauty and look of healthier skin, nails and hair.


Keratin Hair Volumizer has been featured in Vanity Fair magazine’s#1 spot in recommended hair products!   As if I needed bigger hair in this Texas heat, I gave Keratin Hair Volumizer a try.  It gives added strength, shine and that added benefit of healthier looking and feeling hair.

Next up was the Collagen Beauty Builder.  After trying so many other lotions, potions and creams, I was skeptical because I had not seen the results I had been hoping for from other companies.  As a busy and tired mom, I appreciate a nice glow and supple look to my skin.   The collagen helps do that starting from the inside.

Maybe you are so busy, you want something quick to pop in your mouth on the go.  NeoCell has these great Soft Chew Beauty Bursts in Chocolate Mint and Fruit Punch.  My household is extremely busy in the summertime.  Okay, all year round.  But this summer has been so busy with travel, kids activities and just your normal everyday things that it can be easy to forget about “me”.  Just because I am a busy mom doesn’t mean I should neglect myself.  I want to keep that radiant appearance.  I can pop a couple of these chews when I wake up, on the way out the door or just sitting at my desk working.  They have collagen type 1 and 3 for firm, smooth skin and strong hair & nails.  The hyaluronic acid is amazing for skin hydration and renewal.  The vitamin C it contains is great for enhancing collagen.  My favorite part is that it is an all natural formula.  The taste is more pleasant and delicious than I’d have first imagined.

Okay, so I pampered myself and nursed my skin, nails and hair back to vibrant health.  Now to take care of my dogs.  Have you ever heard of Arthropets?  It is an innovative formula that provides chicken cartilage (a natural source of collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid), plus MSM, CMO and Manganese for pet health.  I feel good giving them to my dogs because it is a safe and effective natural food supplement.  It’s easy for them to chew, as it is just a chicken wafer you can give them as you would any dog treat.  This one just has added benefits.

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