I am tired.  I have been at a dealership trading in a car and my feet hurt, my head hurts and all I want to do is relax and feel a little pampered.

I plop down in my office chair already feeling the heat of what has to be done and spin around to boot up my computer.  I kick something on the floor and remember, with great relief, that my new Nature’s Sleep Open Toe Terry Cloth Slippers with Memory Foam are sitting under my desk.  I slip them on and instantly feel wrapped in warm, comfortable luxury.

It is amazing how that can happen.  How something as simple as a pair of slippers can change the day.  I think the secret to these particular slipper is not the soft cloth that wraps your feet in warmth, nor the high quality stitching that tells you they will last a while, but the memory foam bottom that allows your feet to sink into them as if into a cloud.

But these slippers are more than just a pretty shoe.  They really are better than your run of the mill slipper.  First of all, you know how slippers can flip and flop on your heel?  And if you are wearing jammie pants they get stuck in between the shoe and your foot so you are constantly tugging on the pants?

No, just me?

Anyway, that drives me NUTS!!  But the Nature’s Sleep Slippers stay put on your feet.  There is no “flopping” as they hold on tight and secure!  LOVE that!

Another thing I love – and you busy moms will appreciate this – is that the sole is a little sturdier than others I have seen.  It is thick enough that if you have to slip them on to run outside and pull the kids apart from their fun game of, “I was on the middle swing first!”, you won’t feel the pine cones and stickers that are abundant in your yard!

And for those of you who appreciate a good pedicure, these peek a boo toes let you admire your hard earned pampering time while relaxing!  Just a little fun side note!

Nature’s Sleep offers a wide variety of quality memory foam mattresses, pillows and even pet pet beds!  You can save 50% on ANY order now with code BEAR50!  That makes these slippers only $12.50!  Not too bad for such amazing comfort and quality!

And because every person should have the opportunity to pamper their tired feet, you can enter to WIN a pair of slippers now from Nature’s Sleep!  And the entry to the giveaway is an entry to ANOTHER giveaway that is a monthly drawing for a product from Nature’s Sleep!  How cool is that!

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