This post is sponsored by The Original Brand Popsicle. Thoughts on National Creamsicle Day are all honest opinions written by Adelina from Home Maid Simple.

Did you know this Sunday  is National Creamsicle Day? I had no idea there was such a day, but I’m all over it! The only thing to make August heat truly bearable is to add a popsicle.

Celebrate National Creamsicle Day with The Original Brand Popsicle #ad

The Original Brand Popsicle was my childhood summer staple. I remember we usually had 2 options on a hot day – cherry or a creamsicle. For me it was never a hard choice, I just had to beat my siblings to the orange creamy goodness of a Creamsicle. Not always an easy feat when there were 5 others going for them. That number was usually higher in the summer too, with friends and the kids mom babysat.

Beat the heat with The Original Brand Popsicle and celebrate National Creamsicle Day and National Cherry Popsicle Day this August! #ad

Now admittedly if given the chance I would always go for a Fudgesicle, but those were like a rare treat in our home. It’s also NOT National Fudgesicle day, so I’ll just hide those in the back of the freezer for some late night treats.

In honor of National Creamsicle Day, I introduced my kids to the creamy delight. Feeling a bit like a failure that I hadn’t done this sooner in their young lives. How it could have been such a huge part of my summer childhood, and then forgotten about for my own children, I do not know. When we went to the store to buy our Creamsicles, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Orange ones were not the only flavor. Either my childhood was boring, or these came out after I grew up. My kids love the Wildberry and Grape additions though.

It's National Creamsicle Day! Celebrate August 14th with The Original Brand Popsicle #adHere’s exactly what the kids had to say about their Creamsicles –

Venice (age 9) – “They’re really really really really very very very very good”

Chloe (age 8) – “They’re yummy dummy dum. They’re so yummy. They’re creamy filled with ice cream which is good”

Rosalina (age 6) – “They’re just yummy”

Lincoln (age 4) – “Let’s get them!”

Enjoy August with The Original Brand Popsicle #ad

Will you celebrate National Creamsicle Day with us tomorrow? If you need one more reason to enjoy The Original Brand Popsicle, Friday, August 26th is National Cherry Popsicle Day! New to the line up of favorites are the Sugar Free Classic Reds. You can enjoy a cool treat and not feel bad for it at all.