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When I say I have avid readers in this house, it might actually be an understatement. I have a children’s library for a reason and it is full of wonderful, colorful, amazing books. I am so pleased that I can add My Yellow Balloon to the kid’s collection. This beautifully written and illustrated book for children about love and loss and how parents can help children through it is a must own.

My Yellow Balloon Book Review & Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

Written by actress, storyteller and a national speaker on children’s grief, Tiffany Pagegeorge takes a serious matter and turns it into an instrument of instruction and guidance. The creativity of the storytelling, the impact of the changing of the pages from color to black and white to illustrate the darkness loss can cause, and the sheer power of her words are endearing and honest.

Pagegeorge helps guide children through the emotional process of the loss of a favorite toy, a pet or something else they love through an honest and easy to read book. From the loss of his yellow balloon and the darkness he felt to the realization that the sun will come out again, she tenderly guides the young boy who the story is about through the process.

This is a children’s book and, as a parent, I am grateful for it. A while back, when my neighbor’s father died, I was at a loss for words past ‘He is with Jesus and watching over you.’ It would have been so great to have this book to turn to to illustrate that it is OK to be sad and feel lost. But the sun will shine again when it is time.

My Yellow Balloon Book Review & Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

Illustrated by Erwin Madrid, a former Dreamworks Animation artist who worked on the Shrek franchise, the entire book cover to cover is gorgeous.

Whether your child has or has not experienced a loss of something important to them, this book needs to be on their bookshelves. Read it with your kids the first time in case they have questions. You may learn something too! Find it on bookstores and online.

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