Good Morning All!

I am trying not to be frustrated this morning.  Trying not to berate myself for going out last night, finally on a night out on my own with a friend, and having 2 glasses of wine, Crusted Sole with Spinach Orzo, and Chocolate Cake with Ganache and Hazelnuts on top.  And eating every single bite.

I am trying no to be upset that I, admittedly, did not peruse a healthy week this week.  That I told myself I could take last weekend “off” and the excuses would not bleed into the week.

I am trying to understand that losing weight is a battle.  And that the losing part is pretty easy, but the mental part is the hardest demon I have ever battled.

And now, weighing in the morning at 165 even – a total gain of 1.7 pounds this week, I am trying to tell myself that it should not bother me that, in two weeks, I have gained back 2.5 hard earned lost pounds…  just like that.

So, I recommit.  With 44 weeks to go and now 37 pounds to lose, I am quickly boxing myself in a corner.  And people who are in corners tend to retaliate and bunk the status quo.  So, in my mind, I know that if I do not stay ahead of the weeks, I will lose this game and be here next year, trying the same challenge, praying that this time it works.

And losing my own self respect, and yours as well.

THAT does not make me happy.

So – this is it.  The end of the line  – again.  I will get back to it from day 1 this week.  Today.

It has to be done!  Excuses will only lead to failure, but determination will lead to certain success!

I hope your weeks were better!

Let’s go week 44!!!!!