Six weeks in, and I am down another 2.6 pounds this week to 162.5!!

That is minus 9.4 total!

I am very excited to report I have lost 5% + of my body weight and my next goal is 10%, or 154.7!

I did not get to do my fabulous work out video at all this week, nor did I eat very well, to be honest.  I need to eat more.  Yes, you heard it…  more!

I found myself with only a cup of coffee in my belly by 3pm.  It was just that kind of a week.  Terrible.  Not healthy, and certainly not good if I want to keep this weight off!

And after reading the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets book I got to review and giveaway, I know I can do better and am as motivated as ever!  To get healthy!  Not just to lose weight!  But to get it right.  On all levels.

So, my goal this week is to eat more.  Eat better and take better care of me.  Hopefully it will transfer to some lower numbers on the scale next week as icing on the cake!

GOOD LUCK to all of our #EmptyTrunk Members!  Try to remember that ever week, every day, every meal is a chance to get it right.  And beating yourself up over a slip only leads to more slips!  Take pride that you are trying, pride that you are learning, and pride that you are YOU!