Hi guys!

This week saw me signing up for WeightWatchers.com and tracking every bite, sip, and lick online.  After a disastrous week last week, I had to take control.  For me, taking control means getting some help and guidance.

I am thrilled to report that I stuck to the guidelines.  I never, really, felt hungry and I ate things I normally buy, just in a different way!  And I had ice cream with Oreos almost every night!

Fearful and praying to the dear Lord above that something worked, I stepped on the scale this morning for a weigh in.

Ladies….  I am happy and optimistically hopeful as I post my weight LOSS this week!

 I lost 6.9 pounds this week!


From a whopping 171.9 last week to a solid 165 this week!

I am stunned and SO proud of myself!

My plan this week is more of the same.  To stick with my points, get in more exercise and ride this momentum wave all the way into the low 160’s!

I pray that all of you had a successful week as well!  I can not wait to hear!

LET’S go Emptying the Trunk Team!!!!

PS:  Please keep in mind that the first week on WW generally produces large numbers.  Next week and through out I will, most likely, be losing 1 – 2 pounds a week.