This is the first week that I shed a tear when I stepped on the scale.  I am completely baffled at my inability to find my will power to do something I know how to do.  Get this blasted weight off of me before it causes serious medical issues that will shorten my life, decrease the quality of it, and teach my girls that it is ok not to take care of yourself.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it read a whopping 169.9 pounds.  Yes-  that is 3.2 pounds MORE than last week.

I can explain it away with the fact that my husband was here all week and we went out to eat a lot.  I can say that I drank a 6 pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade last night and ate a ton of cheese dip, thus causing a bad read this morning.  I can excuse it away easily.

Or I can get real and just admit that it is easier to stick with bad habits than it is to do what I know how to do and get this fat off of my body.

I have people doing this with me, for Heaven’s sake, and I feel that my failure resonates to them.  I am angry, sad, and frustrated with myself and my – let’s be honest – laziness.

Losing weight is not hard.  The mind games I play with myself are.

So, I have 2 choices with my latest failure.  I can quit 4 weeks into my 52 week challenge, acknowledging that if I don’t get my chit together NOW, I will never lose it.  OR, I can take this week by it’s neck, shake it with all my might and scream from the rooftops – YOU WILL NOT WIN!

And that is the stance I am taking.  Forget you, bad week, you will not take me over and ruin my self esteem, image, and determination that I have bubbling deep within!

So, my goal this week is to get honest!  Admit to myself that I am failing because I am making myself fail and make a change.

I apologize for not being a better role model, I know many of you had a wonderful week.  I promise, to you, me, and  my girls, that this week will be a lot better than last!

Happy New Year!

We CAN Do this!!!!