Ok guys!

So I have found this incredible, fun, amazing toy line called Discovery Toys!

I am IN  LOVE!

I was going to host my own personal party for these toys but my husband’s work schedule caused me to cancel. However, I am so impressed with them that I still want to give my readers and friends a chance to order them!

I have never done a “party” for any product and rarely go to them.  But when I met Kerri at a consignment show earlier this year and saw with my own eyes the high quality, unique, amazing toys that the line offered, I got so excited and had to book one.  As sad as I am about the cancellation, I am super excited to still be able to promote and introduce you guys to them through this catalog party!

Please take a moment, look at all of the learning based, colorful, and tantalizing toys on the website!

I have printed catalogs for those who want to see them also!

The catalog party closes Nov 16th at 9pm.  

Please don’t pass up this amazing toy line!  You know I would not recommend it if I, myself, did not think it was pretty cool!

**You MUST contact me or Kerri when placing orders!  Ordering online and not through us will not process correctly!**