Six months ago tomorrow, my first blog entry was published,  A Joyful Mother (, thus launching me into a world I knew nothing about nor had the where withal to navigate.

I started with the idea that I would just type.  Use this forum to get it all out, find supporters, and live out – mini style, my dream of writing for an audience.  I pawned my wares to my friends, got instant, good feedback, and was encouraged to share more.  And I have.  I have probably shared too much at times, (, and led my readers down the paths of self knowledge, self doubt, and crazy trials and tribulations.

I made a promise to myself six months ago that I would be honest, at all costs.  And I think I have.  That honesty has opened me up to great comments and support as well as insult and disapproval.  I have cried, laughed, and screamed at blog posts, people who have an opinions about them, and traveled every emotion possible trying to keep it real.

Halfway into this journey, I was approached with my first giveaway with Bonnie’s Bows (  I was honored and thrilled to enter this new forum for my blog.  I can’t believe she took a chance on me, but she did and I am, to this day, very appreciative in her confidence.  

Soon after, I received my first website and product review for Little One Books (  Again, I was thrilled and excited to enter a new domain within my blog.  I promised myself, however, that no matter which direction my blog went, I would still try to post honest, funny, relate-able posts about my life and the insanity in it.  

As I gained more readers, learned more about sharing my blog, and fell in love with other bloggers and what they offered, I introduced my first guest bloggers.  Melanie Sumner from and Crystal from became contributors.  And I submitted my first two guest posts to ( and to one of the most popular mommy bloggers out there, (  I have a new love and obsession for guest bloggers and I like offering a different voice for my readers.

I am still learning about Twitter, Facebook, Google Friends Connect, RSS Feeds, Network Feeds, email subscriptions, Google Reader, Blog Hops, and other blog promoting outlets on the web.  There is so much to navigate, read, learn about, and understand.  It is a wild world out there in mommy blogger land and though I have stepped in a few land mines along the way, I have found spots of gold that keep me going.

But the one thing I am proud of in my six month journey is that I have met and befriended some amazing people.  Women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, bloggers, non -bloggers, writers, photographers, artists, and so many more.  Without my blog, I would have never been introduced and that would have been my great loss! (See Bloggers I Love)  

So, though I have skeptics and those who are secretly wishing I would fail, go away, and never write another word, I persevere.  Trying my hand at new things, new topics, and new projects.  Keeping with my word to be honest, my goal to be better, and hoping I am grateful enough to be humble.  

It has been a great six months and I pray for six more.  I thank everyone who has stuck by me on this journey and miss those who have hopped off the train.  Whether you were here in the beginning, are here now, or will be here in the future, my appreciation to you for helping me explore a new love and obsession is deeply appreciated.  

With love,