Since it is hump day, I am double posting archive post.  Because I can.  It’s my blog.  I write it fair and square!  Enjoy a favorite!

Originally posted 9/15/2010

I get up this morning, head for the coffee maker, pour myself a cup of liquid energy and turn around to survey the surroundings I let me family live in.

It’s bad, people.  It’s really bad.

The dishes in the sink smell like the failed dinner attempt I’d had the night before, the counters hold the tools that failed me so and something sticky and  – ewww icky – is taunting me, daring me and Magic Eraser to give it our best shot.  I feel my arm muscles spasm in protest.

The floor…  oh what to say about my floor?  It is white, unsealed travertine that the previous owner decided would be oh so lovely in a family home.  It is gross.  I hate it.  But until our money tree plants itself, grows and produces in the back yard, we just have to wait to lay the hardwoods we want.

I survey it’s unmopped glory and wonder how much energy it will take to get dried on macaroni and cheese off.  I keep drinking my coffee and walk into the living room.

Should not have done that.

The laundry is piled on the couch, popcorn from last night’s Dora marathon is dumped over and ground into my shag rug, and the dogs have gotten their muddy paws all over my leather couches.  I look over and survey the play area and throw up my hands in frustration.

“Really Lori?  This is your house?”

Embarrassed to even be in my house, I do something I never, ever do.  I turn off my computer.

Yes, I know.  It was hard.  Like parting with one of my children…  ok, that’s easier but still.

And I clean.  And clean.  And clean.

In between demands for milk, riding bikes, food – whale crackers didn’t cut it – diaper changes, temper tantrums, and other, constant – dare I say annoying? – things my kids need, I clean.

My goal was to get the whole house clean, but let’s be real.  My name ain’t Martha or Supernanny, it’s Lori.  Granted, Lori the Great in my head, but to other non- invasive people, just Lori.  And Lori can not clean an entire house in one day.  Not with these three kids around!

I pick the two worst offenders.  The office, which has not been touched since we moved in 6 months ago and the dining room.  I also touch up the kitchen because that’s just gross and the indoor play area, because I am tired of stepping on little blocks and screaming obscenities at 3am.

I spray, I wipe, I put things up, I scrub chairs, I steam clean cushions, I dust, I file, I organize, I move furniture.  I do it all.  And I do it with three little ladies demanding everything under the sun

And none of them think that “Hold on a second, Mommy’s cleaning” is a good enough excuse to prevent me from serving them immediately like all good servants do.

But I do it.  I accomplish my goals and even get two loads of laundry done and put away.

So, I sit here, blogging about my day of cleaning, wondering when I will ever find the time or energy to complete the house, wishing I had done a little more.

It’s like that in mothering, isn’t it?  I work my butt off all day long, wondering where I will ever get the time or energy to do it again, wishing I had done a little more every day.

Oh well…  at least my office is clean.