Dora the Explorer remains one of the favorite kid characters in this house. My Sarah (5) pretends she is Dora all the time. Her favorite color is purple like Dora and she speaks ‘Spanish’ just like Dora. So this movie, Dora’s Great Roller Skate Adventure is defiantly one of the movies to own in this house!

Dora's Great Roller Skate Adventure

I always wish I have my camera ready when movies show up at this house. The wide eyes, mouth gaping, huge smile building look is just precious. So when I popped this movie in, my girls were immediately excited!

Get ready to skate into adventure as Dora and Boots zoom to Skate Park and stand up to the bullying Big Wheeler! Plus, help Dora bring her friends to the doctor AND join her on a science-filled adventure to the Green Power Science Fair! ­V monos! Let’s roll!

With three total episodes, the DVD will not only entertain but engages your kids in song, dance, counting and more. As usual, Nickelodeon created a DVD that helps build your kids confidence as well as skills that they need for life. My Sarah went and grabbed her old shakes that she has outgrown and wanted to skate immediately. So I love that this one makes my kids want to exercise too!

In fact, she was so excited about this movie and wanting to skate  that I am getting her some actual Dora Roller Skates for her birthday coming up!

Dora Roller Skates

I love reinforcing positive things in my kids! Get this DVD online and in stores now!