As a compliment to the ever popular, critiqued, most talked about, fashion bashing, rooting for the underdog, Academy Awards, I thought I would do my token post.  I was going to campily make fun of things I saw, give my birds eye view on those who won, and sass back to the presenter’s jokes.

And then they did a flashback to Gone With the Wind.

And so did I.

I got to thinking about the movies I grew up with and wondered if I would be able to enchant the same love for them in my girls.   Will I be able to present them in a way that causes them to curl up with me, snack on popcorn, and enjoy a movie without a special effect, green screen tricks, or the desire to watch it alone in their room on an iPhone, iPad, or other isolating, technical device?

I want them to sit with me for six hours, getting pulled in by the original selfish vixen and end up rooting for Scarlett O’Hara.  Wishing a reunion with Rhett and wishing the burning of the beloved Tara was a mirage.  I want them to drink in Gone With The Wind and have it alter their hearts the way it did mine.

I want them to beg me for a dog named Sandy, a pop named Mr. Warbucks and a butler named Punjab.  I want them to know that Tomorrow is just a day away and that Annie made me thinks perms were a good thing!

I want to laugh and sing with them as the Muppets Take Manhattan, the von Trapps Climb Every Mountain and keep their ears bent to The Sound of Music.  I want them to get Footloose, sweat like the just enacted Flashdance and understand that Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

As they get older, I want them to have personalities less like the Heathers and more like the innocent and endearing E.T. – The Extraterrestrial.    And that even though Dirty Dancing is frowned upon by the older crown, falling in love with an amazing man can be wonderful for a Pretty Woman – except for the whole hooker thing – that we can leave out.

I suppose that I want them to understand a little of my childhood, just as I am watching theirs unfold.  And as I listen to their passions grow for characters and shows and movies, I want them to know that I had them too.

And want nothing more but to share my movies in my motherhood.