My husband and I have determined that just being in the same house together does not mean that we are spending time with each other. And that over the last 6 years of having babies, midnight feedings, and all of the other wonderful events that have come about, we need to reconnect!  So, we are trying to schedule date nights featuring some of the movies we always wanted to see but never got around to, thanks to the kids!

But, in the process, we realize that we don’t have movie “swag” in our house.  You know, candy, Cokes and all of that other stuff we try to keep out of the house so that the kids – I – won’t eat it!  We also don’t have time to drop everything and run to the grocery store every time we finally find time for a movie.

So, you know that I love my MurphyUSA stores for the cheap gas, great products and more.  But now I love them because I can swing by and get candy, Cokes, and more for movie night with my husband!

While I was there, I downloaded the SCVNGR app on my iPhone (it is also available for Android phones).  This is a really neat app that gives me points for completing challenges!  Like, downloading a photo to my social media networks, or typing something about where I am, or even for just checking in!  I gained 7 points from my MurphyUSA trip and unlocked my Hello World badge!  And I can not wait to use SCVNGR to gain even more points and trade those points in for real world prizes!  Learn more about SCVNGR and download it NOW!  

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This last weekend, we decided that we needed to catch up with the Mission: Impossible series of movies since the 4th installment, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is hitting theaters December 21, 2011.

So, I rented the first movie, grabbed my candy, sodas and popcorn and we curled up on the couch to watch Tom Cruise in his race to avoid government assassins and clear his name in the deaths of his espionage team.  The movie lives up to the hype with action packed scenes and breath taking stunts.  It is a crazy fast movie with plot twists and a shocker at the end!  Our next movie night, we’ll be renting the second movie in the series!

And with the help of MurphyUSA and the kids new bedtime schedule, we might actually get caught up before the 4th movie comes out!

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