Thanks to my blog, and the support of it, I seem to have exited my end of summer funk and woke today motivated to get something done!  My mood is good, my energy on target and my clothes a day old. 

I make a mental list of what I would like to accomplish and what I actually might accomplish.   The might accomplish is pretty short so I make a mini- goal to do more than what is on that list. 

Ready?  Set.  GO!

Wait a minute, Megan pooped in her diaper.

Ok – all changed.

What honey?  You want some milk?

Great – got it.  And here is a waffle to wash down with it.

No, don’t throw it on the floor!  No Megan, don’t give it to the dog!   

Ok, well, I’ll get you another one in a second.

Now, off to desheet the bed so I can wash them and remake it.

Oh Good Morning Katie! 

Wow – do you have a full Pull -Up?  Whew.  We need a shower!

Hi Sarah!  How are you this morning?  Did you sleep ok?

Oh, don’t whine, it’s ok if you peed in your bed!

Here, let’s all go get a shower.

All right, they are all in my shower.  Now, I can get my coffee and at least get the clothes folded that are on the couch.  Yes, I can do that.

Hi Megan, are you all done in the shower?

Noooo!!!  Don’t pull the folded towels off the couch!

Oh dear. 

What?  Katie and Sarah, you are done too?

I put the pulled off folded towels back on the couch, now needing refolding, snatch up the nakey butt baby and head to the bathroom to towel and dress my kids. 

15 minutes later, mission accomplished.  Well – one has a diaper, two have panties and I am a soaking wet mess.  But it’s ok, because I am still feeling possitive that I can accomplish at least one thing that I really need to get done today!  It is early after all.

Oh, that’s a great outfit Katie.   Nothing like a red flower shirt with a red plaid skirt and brown boys cowboy boots to present yourself to the world in!  Hey fashion week, if you ever need a young designer…

What?  You want to go ride bikes?

I look at the laundry that needs folding, the floors that need mopping and decided that bike riding will not kill my motivation to get it done.  In fact, it might increase my blood flow…  along with my sweat production. 

I get the other two kids dressed and out we go to the sweltering heat.  I am thouroughly impressed with how well Katie rides and how well Sarah has taken to the tricycle so I pat myself on the back for it.  At least they are not scared of the bikes or have no interest in being outside.  And anything that tires them out bodes well for my motivation to get things done today!  Surely, after this, I can get them to sit in front of a show while I conquer my list! 

As I wheel Megan around and help the girls get unstuck and continue to ride, I feel the sudden urge to be super woman and have the house entirely clean and impressable for my husband to come home to today.  Taking this new found burst of energy, I tell the girls it is time to park the bikes and come in for lunch! 

Surprisingly, with little effort, they come in.  I look at the clock and realize it is lunch time. 

After making macaroni and cheese, getting them all water with clean cups from the dishwasher, and taking out the trash, I try to rememeber what it was I had such motivation to do while outside.  Oh yes…  clean like a mad woman so my hard working husband can come home to a clean house for once. 

I head to Sarah’s room to change her sheets that she informed me she peed in this morning.  I am thrilled to find that not only didoes her room now smell of stale urine – ICK – but my husband, who made the bed the other day to “help me out” did not put a protective cover underneath it.  Now there lies a wet, yellow, smelly stain in the middle of a very expensive mattress.  I sigh, determined to see the bright side – at least he made the bed? – and immediatly post on Facebook for advice on how to clean the mattress.

What Megan?  You are finished with your lunch?  Ok honey, let me wipe you off!

As I am wiping macaroni from my daughter, I notice that the straps on her booster are so covered in cheese that you can’t even see the previous stain of spaghetti sauce.  I get her down and spend 10 minutes wrestling the straps out of the seat to wash them. 

At least that is partly on my list! 

Feeling like at least I am getting something done, I put the baby for a nap and head to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher.  Go me!

I open the door and realize that the soap is in it, but no one actually turned it on to wash.  I crack an irritated grin and realize I gave the children dirty cups with water for lunch. 


I turn on the dishwasher, note the dirty dishes in the sink, and feel the need to sit down and eat an entire pack of Oreo’s.

NO!  I will stay motivated!  Stay on track!  Get it done!  I feel good and I will take full advantage!

I head back to the couch to tackle the folding again.

Ok, Sarah, you’re done too?

Let me wipe your hands!

You need to go potty?  OK.  I’ll help you!

You’re finished too Katie? 

I wipe them down, clear the dishes, thrown them in the sink and start to negotiate with my two non- nappers. 

I’ll put on a special movie if you give me an hour to get stuff done!

OK Mommy!

I put on the movie and walk back to the couch. 

The phone rings. 

Hi honey.  They are fine.  Yes, they are watching a movie.  I am attempting to get something done. 

Ok.  See you later.


Yes Katie?

Can I have some milk?

Off I go to appease me daughter. 

I pass the unfolded laundry, step over 4 toys, move a dirty dish to hand wash a cup, hear the washing machine buzz at it’s need for unloading, see on my white board that I am supposed to leave in an hour to go get my little dog back, long for my lunch that is sitting with two bites taken, remind myself the emptied trash can still needs a liner and hear my motivation whisteling out of me like a helium balloon who just met a needle. 

Somehow I don’t think it will be back today.

I mentally crumble up my list, throw it into the still unlined trash can and make a new one.

Get through the day.  Surley I can be motivated enough to do that. 

My husband will just have to understand…  again!