I’ve noticed lately that all my children seem to hear from me is “Hold on”, “Just a minute”, “In a second”, and “I will as soon as I {fill in the blank}”.  I seem to be so busy with cooking, cleaning, chores, diaper changes, blogging – let’s be honest – and other time consuming tasks to handle all of their requests the minute they are made.

Wait – hold on – Sarah is up and I need to get her out of her Pull Up.

I am well aware that my “other stuff” gets in the way of spending more time with my children.  I do alter when it gets too bad – I can auto draft blog posts from late night, I can always clean later, and no one is going to go naked if I don’t do the laundry today.  But truth be told, I have to keep up with all that I have to do if I don’t want my life to be a complete, disorganized mess.

Shoot – one sec – Katie needs some milk.

So what am I to do?  As we all know, I wear many hats – as do all mother’s.  How do I make my kids a priority without letting everything else go?  Because if I let everything else go, I may not be able to find the children in the mess.  And nobody wants that…  very often.

Wait a minute-  a fight is breaking out…

I guess the trick is to balance.  Maybe schedule time where they have my undivided attention.  Ignore the phone, the broom, the dishes, and the mayhem and just play.  I mean, what would happen if I stopped and took an hour to roll on the floor, read, build, and put children in time out for not sharing?  The other aspects of my job would still be there, right?

Ugh – I’ll be back. Time to get Megan from her crib, change her diaper, dress her and feed her.

Where was I?  Oh yes…

Shoot, where is that blogging hat?  I know it is on here somewhere.

OK – here it is.

As I was typing – I suppose balance and a plan is the answer.  If I could just make and follow a detailed schedule and never be derailed from it, my life would run more smoothly.  I could find time to do all I need to do and still take ample breaks to play with my girls.  I’ll have to get to work on that schedule as soon as I can.  Because I feel so guilty for always telling them to wait on me.

I’ll get to it as soon as I clean up the applesauce that Sarah dropped on the floor, change the brand new diaper that Megan just soiled, and dry the water that spilled from Katie’s cup when she tripped.

A mother’s work is never done.