You may not.

Stop asking.

Don’t ask again.

If you ask again, you will go to time out.

Ok, you are in time out.

No talking in time out.

If you talk again, I will start the clock over.

I said no talking in time out.

OK, the time is reset.

I’m not kidding, you’d better be quiet.

OK, time out is over.

Why did I send you there?

Because you kept asking me the same question over and over after I answered it.

Give me a hug and a kiss now.

Go play.



No you may not.


I already answered that question.

I said no.


OK, that is it.  To your rooms.  All done.

20 minutes.

Go. Go. Go.

Multiply that by 3, add in two potty accidents and two dirty diapers, spilled milk, thrown lunches, and a phone call from a credit card company saying they have not gotten our payment, which I totally made, and you have the first hour of my day.

Bottoms UP!

LOL….  I WISH!  ;D