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Only on Wednesday

I work on Wednesdays, as you know.  And the kids have school on Wednesday’s too.  So it is a busy, busy day.  And with 2 weeks left in the semester for Bible Study, I think I have been on time once.  Once.

Last week I figured it out and got there before I was supposed to.  My boss was shocked, I was proud, and it was a great day.  This week, I followed the exact same routine, got all of my kids in the car, got myself in the car, turned the key and……  nothing.

I tried again.  Nothing.

The car was dead.

I called my husband and my boss, unloaded the kids and tried to figure out what was causing this.  The back gate.  It was slightly open, stuck on the stroller handle that I had not put in the car correctly after voting the day before.

I got to work at 9:30.  Late.  Just like always,.  Except that one time.

Brilliant Moves

I do dumb things.

Almost daily.
Sometimes twice – or three times- a day.
It actually shocks me when I don’t do dumb things.
This morning I started laundry.  I grabbed some new outfits I had gotten for Megan off the kitchen table and threw them in the washer with the other clothes.  I started it, left, and tuned out the clickity clack I heard when it started.  
Probably just a beer cap.
I went about my morning, forgetting about the load in the wash.
After lunch, I remembered and went to move them from the washer to the dryer.
While doing this, I pulled out a hanger.  With a shirt attached.  And then pants.  Hanger attached.
Yes.  I washed Megan’s new clothes….  while still on the hangers.  
Brilliant.  Just brilliant.  
Date Night

Thanks to the Church, my husband and I are finally going to get a date night this Saturday.  A much needed, way overdue, greatly desired date night!
What are we going to do during our 3 hours of  freedom you ask?  
Tool around Toys R Us making the girls Christmas lists.
Don’t be jealous.  
We have to do it.  It is our only time without the kids and we need to make the list so I can start shopping sales.  I think it will be fun.  We love doing for our kids and we get real joy out of imagining what it will be like when they open the gifts.  
But I find it ironic that in our only time in two months without the kids, we will still have them front and center in our minds.  
Oh well, what else are we going to do with just 3 hours?  
Such is Date Night!