Always Late

I am always late.  I can’t stand it.  It drives me nuts.  Seriously.  I used to be on time, even early.  But something happened in the growing of my family.  I lost track of time.  Or at least the ability to manage my time!

It is funny how that happens.  How time seems to flutter away, making my goals of showing up places rested, coiffed, and well equip to deal with my kids impossible.  Now I show up late, apologetic, messy, and have usually forgotten something that would have helped me deal with my kids…  like a Nanny.  Or Drill Sargent.

Sometimes, I miss my old, on time self.  And then I remember that she was the one that complained when someone else is late.  Stuck her nose in the air and questioned why people could not schedule their lives better.  The new me thinks the old me might have been a little snot!  And late to reality!

Who Raised You?

I want to know who is raising these children I live with.  It can’t possibly be me!  If it is me then I probably should have my head examined or removed from a position of power!

These kids are nuts!

The think body slamming, beating someone about the head with a toy hammer, and kicking is quite hysterical. And then there is the game “stand on my tummy”.  Really?  Are you kidding?  Have you no concept of organ ruptures and internal bleeding?

Maybe the person raising you should explain it to you!

(this one might grow up into a real post! LOL)

Girls Night Out

My dear friend, Laura, and I went out to dinner last night!  She drove – so I could indulge in adult beverages- and listened to me go on and on and on and on and on about my blog, my kids, my life, and my frustrations and happinesses with it all!  Her ears are probably still ringing this morning!  I think, I could be wrong, that I let her finish at least once sentence!

That is what girl’s night out is all about and why every mother on this planet should get one, at least monthly!  I don’t get enough, which explains my overkill on poor Laura!

Girl’s Night Outs are rejuvenating, relaxing, and a time for us moms to remember who we are!  It is a time for us to take care of our girlfriends and for them to take care of us.  Sharing means everything to moms, at least the ones I know, so make sure you get out and celebrate the woman who you love!

Copy and paste this to all husbands – immediately!  ;)

And thank you Laura- for reminding me of the need to get out!