Santa Is Everywhere!

A week or so ago, my dear friend from college and I were discussing her reading the book “Decision Points” by George W. Bush.  I told her I wanted to read it, because, well, I DO!   I have been trying to get my hands on it since it came out.  Regardless of my political position, I want to read about what was going on during 9/11.  I am a 9/11 fanatic and New York is my dream city so I soak up whatever I can about it.

Anyway, funds are tight this year due to our move and renovations to the house.  So, it was not in the cards for me to go buy it.  I’d hoped that one day, I could borrow a friends and read it!

So imagine my GREAT surprise when I received a package this morning and in it was the book!  From my friend!  Though she signed the card “Santa”.  I am incredibly humbled by her thoughtfulness.  I can not believe she did this!  With life the way it is, we still talk, but it is sporadic.  We live in different parts of the city now and live different lifestyles.  For her to take the time to order the book and send it to me is just amazing.

So, thank you “Santa”.  And thank you for showing me that he is everywhere!

Have a very Merry Christmas!


This morning my friend and I had gift exchange for our kids.  I ran around the house in a scurry trying to at least, make it presentable.  I decided to focus on the main living area and told the kids that if they cleaned their rooms, they could have a piece of chocolate.

Off they went in a happy hurry.  Even Megan went to join in the fun!

I did not hear from them for a while, maybe 10 minutes, and decided to go check on my way too quiet children.

I walked into Katie’s non clean room just in time to see Katie with her safety scissors, with Sarah’s hair pulled up, ready to snip.   I hear myself in slow motion say “Nooooooooooooooooo”, right as she snipped at Sarah’s hair.

Luckily I scared her and the snip did no damage.

I took a deep breath, happy not to have a weird bald spot in time for Christmas, and said, “BUSTED!”


Lost Forever?

I checked in on my blog today an saw I lost a follow.  Just one.  But an important one.  Because I consider all of my followers to be unique,special, awesome people, it hurts when I lose one.  I am not sure who it is, I really don’t even want to know, to be honest.  But I am surprised at how badly it bothers me.

I mean, just as people come in and out of my life, people are going to come in and out of my twitter, my facebook pages, my social media as a whole.  So, I think it is a reality.  One I expect.  But, for some reason, I take it personally when it is my blog.  Like I offended or upset the one person that decided to unfollow.

I guess I’ll just work harder to take care of my readers and hope no one else jumps ship!  Because I consider all readers to be my friends!  And I cherish friends!  And, maybe one day, I’ll get that follower back and they won’t be lost forever!