There is Nothing Worse…

… than folding and putting away all of the laundry piled on the couch   – and then finding another full load in the dryer.

… tha nchanging your baby’s diaper – just so she can poop in it.

…  than cleaning your entire kitchen – only to have the kids request a snack that requires your kitchen to become unclean.

…. than the kids wanting to finally sleep in when you have somewhere to be, but being up at the crack of dawn when you don’t.

Wearing My Crocs

Yes, I am one of those crazy people that went to Toys R US at 10pm Thanksgiving night.  I was supposed to be there at 8, thus securing my 1st place in line, but the kids would not go to sleep and so – as always – I was late.  I got there at 9:45 to a line wrapped around the store, the parking lot, and the store next to it.  It was fine with me.  I waited.

I started talking to the lady in line ahead of me.  In constant amazement at how nice people are at 10pm, in the cold and wind, while waiting forever to get into a store to save some money.

Anyway, we analyzed shoes for the 2 hours we waited.  We were shocked at the high heeled boots, stilettos!, and flip flops that people were sporting.  Along with mini dresses, in 48 degree weather, shorts, and skirts.  It was fun to laugh and wonder what people were thinking.

And here I was, just wearing my crocs…

Bring Back Summer

I understand that people love winter.  They love to dress in heavy coats, pretty, warm, scarves, boots and stylish jeans.  They love to trudge through snow, see their breath in the air, and not feel their toes.

I applaud them and understand the need to feel the chill in the air. And it is nice to have something “new”.  And snow on Christmas would be nice for ambiance.  I get it.

I however, would be happy if the temperature never dropped below 70. I am a flip flop, shorts, t – shirt, kinda gal. To be honest, I am simply too lazy to like winter.  It takes time to “bundle up”, and adding 3 kids to also layer, is just too much work.  It takes time to find socks and shoes and hats and gloves.  And it takes too much time to disrobe them, find long pajama’s- though they are super cute in them!, and find extra blankets for their bed.

So, please, bring back summer.  Mommy is too lazy and busy for Old Man Winter.