The Sand Man

I think the Sand Man is lost.  I think he headed this way when me moved, got lost in the trees and gave up.  I do not think he has made an attempt since.  I am exhausted. The victim of a teething baby who thinks that 2 – 4am is an appropriate play time.  A three year old who thinks that just because she has an hour nap at school, she is done for the day.  And a four year old who thinks that being up late is “super cool”.

I would like anyone who knows the sandman to please give him handwritten directions to our new house.  We promise to treat him well and serve warm tea if he so desires.  Just get him here because Mommy tired.  Tired like exhausted. Exhausted like dead on her feet.

I am willing to offer a reward to anyone who can find the Sand Man and deliver him to my front door.

Thank you.


I have been wanting to write a post about my love of coffee.  About how my precious cup or two saves me in a pinch, acts like a pal and slaps me awake, and centers my mood to a more acceptable one.  I’ve been wanting to tell it that I crave it.  That I start thinking about it the night before as I hear my husband preset the coffee maker.  Knowing it’s dark grains are all snuggled, ready to be showered in warm water, and then lovingly poured in my cup.

Then I realized that my love for coffee might be a tad unhealthy.  Bordering on obsessive.  And I felt like I was entering an dark place.  So, I just have one thing to say about coffee and I will let it rest.

I adore you! You sweet, warm, comforting, caffeinated, almost never lets me down, joy inducing, happiness inspiring, smooth, tasteful cup of bliss.  Whew – glad I got that off my chest.


For my birthday, anniversary and Christmas present, my husband and I got a brand, spanking new dishwasher.  I am so happy.  So very, very happy.  But it got me thinking.  When did I get to a point where a home appliance made me dance with glee even though it is my birthday present?

Isn’t it common knowledge that you never give your wife a toaster, iron, or other item that helps her in her daily job as a gift?  Lest she think that you only find her worthy of doing those jobs?  Shouldn’t I want to receive jewelry, flowers, days at the spa, and other “we love you enough to help you leave and pamper yourself” type gifts?   Shouldn’t I be totally insulted?

I am not.  In addition to my stunning flowers and mani/ pedi gift certificate that my husband and girls did give me, I am thrilled like a toddler getting candy to have my new, shiny, quiet, actually works, dishwasher safely operating in my kitchen.  It makes my life easier and that is what a gift should always do!

38 Pounds in 52 Weeks

It is no secret that I have struggled with weight since having my girls.  Last night, after scarfing down a wonderful birthday meal (thank you Cindy!) of Mexican food, I started thinking.  If I just lost a pound a week, I could be down 38 pounds in 38 weeks.  Since I know me, I extended it to a year.  So, here I publicize and announce that I believe I can lose almost a pound a week during this year.  I’ll post quick monthly updates and struggles and hope to conquer these fat cells once and for all!

If you want to join me, let me know.  I would love to walk this journey with you!

5 Years

In honor of my 5th year wedding anniversary today, you’ll notice I posted 5 mini posts!  We actually have a sitter and plans to go on a D A T E tonight!  Complete with food, drinks, and reminiscing! And no real time limit!

We’ve had a crazy 5 years.  3 children, two moves, 2 new cars, countless new friends, deaths and births.  We’ve had a thousand fights, and a million laughs.  And a billion blessings.  We have seen our children born, crawl, walk, run, destroy and blossom.  We have learned that sticking it out can lead to a brighter tomorrow and that love is better than a fairy tale.

So, Happy Anniversary honey.  I love you and everything that you are.  I pray for many, many more.